Free People of Color

Several of the CVHR members have been researching Free People of Color in Virginia. One member, Robert Vernon, has just finished a powerpoint presentation of his latest research. To download a copy of it, click here (13.1 MB).


Sammons Cemetery

CVHR members spent years researching some of the individuals buried in the Sammons Family Cemetery. When the cemetery was threatened by the 29-bypass they worked with descendants of the family to compile their research to demonstrate the historic significance of the site and the individuals buried in the graveyard.Click here.


Slavery in Central Virginia

Information about the antebellum community of "New York" and some of the land owners and enslaved families who lived there. A presentation by Sam Towler, downloadable as a 4.4 MB pdf file. Click here.


African Americans at Monticello

A presentation by Sam Towler, "Researching Monticello During the Civil War." A downloadable 5MB pdf file. Click here.


University of Virginia History Resources

Students of the University of Virginia, 1825-1874. A Wordpress blog with brief biographies of university students. Created by Jean Cooper.

Slavery at the University of Virginia, a Visitor's Guide. A downloadable 2-page brochure about enslaved individuals at UVA.


Post-bellum Communities in Albemarle County

A presentation by Sam Towler, "The Mathew Farris Farm, "Cannan" (now Liberty Corner Farm) in Southern Albemarle." A downloadable 2.2MB pdf file. Click here.


Frederick Douglass with other Free Blacks.

Source: Library of Congress.