About CVHR

The Central Virginia History Researchers began meeting in 2005. We are a group of local historians and genealogists. Some members are researching their own families, while others are using family history to illustrate larger social and cultural trends in Albemarle County. We meet monthly at the Jefferson Heritage Center (2nd floor) at 4pm on the first Thursday of every month (with some exceptions). Please visit our blog for the subject of the upcoming meeting. If you have questions, please contact us.

On this website we have chosen two plantations - Hydraulic Mills and Bleak House - to illustrate techniques for finding African American biographies in historic documents.

One of the group's projects is the "African-American Families Database." This database assists researchers trying to locate specific African Americans who lived in Albemarle County between circa 1850 and 1880. This period is particularly challenging for African-American family research because of the difficulty in relating ante-bellum and post-bellum records.

In April 2010 we were awarded a Digital Start-Up Grant by the National Endowment for the Humanities. This support enabled us to create a pilot database. The trial database is available here.

One of our members in front of Kenwood (at Monticello) - our monthly meeting spot.