Sammons Family in the Hydraulic Mills-Union Ridge community:

Rollins Sammons (c1815-c1893) and Sarah Bell Scott Sammons (1827-1909) were prominent residents of the village of Hydraulic Mills. Born free, Rollins Sammons worked as a miller from at least the age of nineteen at several different mills in Albemarle County. From the now-vanished town of Milton, he went to a mill on Ivy Creek, upstream from the Hydraulic Mills, where he briefly worked in 1860. He returned there fulltime in 1867. Sammons operated the Hydraulic Mills for more than twenty years and owned a half-interest in this commercial hub in rural Albemarle County from 1872 to 1892. The author of a 1948 history of the Albemarle Training School recalled hearing about the “illustrious miller” and his wife, who “lived in their imposing brick home a few yards from the ‘Mill.’" 

Sarah Bell Scott Sammons, the daughter of Robert and Nancy Scott, was the great-great-granddaughter of Elizabeth (Betty) Hemings, matriarch of the well-known Hemings family at Monticello. Robert Scott, whose wife and children were slaves of Alexander Garrett, purchased and freed his daughter Sarah in 1838. She married Rollins Sammons in 1847 and they had twelve children, including Jesse Scott Sammons; living descendants of four daughters and two sons are currently known.  

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